IIRF MBA Colleges Ranking of India is done systematically and methodically, or else these rankings wouldn’t be anything more than mere opinions. Each of these Best B-Schools has its specialty. For example, XLRI is more famous for its HRM program while XIMB is popular for its BM program. Some Business Schools follow a very theoretical curriculum of education, but a brilliant cell for placements ensuring high-quality recruitment. On the other hand, certain MBA B-Schools might not have a very stable placement-cell but would have a properly balanced and well-integrated curriculum.

Identifying such factors and ingratiating them into Ranking Best B Schools East Zone 2021 calls for a balanced approach over the gamut of factors that are considered to rank a certain college. Equal weightage has to be given to each of the chosen factors. IIRF MBA Ranking 2021 has factored in the following:Placement Performance

  • Teaching, Learning, and Pedagogy
  • Research
  • Industry Income and Integration
  • Placement Strategy and Support
  • Future Orientation
  • External Perception and International Outlook

Almost all MBA-aspirants from East India would be aware of the reputation of IIM-Calcutta amongst top MBA colleges in India. As you would find subsequently, these rankings do not cover the top-notch government-affiliated or funded B-Schools, simply owing to their obvious popularity. Only Top Private B-Schools East Zone are considered for the rankings here, for maximum knowledge dispersion, assuming the aspirants’ knowledge about private B-schools might not be as complete. Here goes the list with Top 10 MBA Colleges in East India!

Rank* Business SchoolsRegionWeighted Index (Out Of 1000)
1Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), JamshedpurEAST873
2Xavier Institute Of Management, BhubaneswarEAST773.4
3Indian Institute Of Management, Bodh GayaEAST761.1
4Management Development Institute (MDI), MurshidabadEAST758.3
5International Management Institute (IMI), KolkataEAST757.7
6International Management Institute (IMI), BhubaneswarEAST755
7Indian Insitute Of Social Welfare & Business Management (IISWBM), KolkataEAST702.8
8KIIT University-School Of Management, BhubaneswarEAST661.4
9ARMy Institute Of Management, KolkataEAST627.7
10Xavier Institute Of Social Services (XISS), RanchiEAST614.2
11Eastern Institute For Integrated Learning In Management (EIILM), KolkataEAST609.2
12Chandragupt Institute Of Management (CIMP), PatnaEAST600.8

Business Schools
Placement Performance (PP)
Teaching Learning & Pedagogy (TLRP)
Research (RS)
Industry Income And Integration
Placement Strategies & Support (PSS)
Future Orientation (FO)
External Perception & International Outlook (EPIO)
1Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur88.6887.6878.294.293.9585.284.53
2Xavier Institute Of Management, Bhubaneswar78.5881.1368.1385.1363.8786.1372.3
3Indian Institute Of Management, Bodh Gaya80.8275.7370.1382.1363.8875.1377.13
4Management Development Institute (MDI), Murshidabad74.0879.3270.1288.1260.1275.1271.95
5International Management Institute (IMI), Kolkata78.5877.5269.1282.1260.1283.1271.95
6International Management Institute (IMI), Bhubaneswar74.0877.5369.1388.1363.8875.1371.95
7Indian Insitute Of Social Welfare & Business Management (IISWBM), Kolkata59.5282.9257.1283.1263.8786.1263.95
8KIIT University-School Of Management, Bhubaneswar55.1470.359.171.163.8586.197.47
9ARMy Institute Of Management, Kolkata55.870.3265.1271.1243.8750.1267.95
10Xavier Institute Of Social Services (XISS), Ranchi60.2868.5260.1265.1243.8750.1267.62
11Eastern Institute For Integrated Learning In Management (EIILM), Kolkata58.7866.7256.1271.1247.6250.1261.95
12Chandragupt Institute Of Management (CIMP), Patna65.56236.866.860.885.865.05